10 family friendly hikes around the Lower Mainland:

10 family friendly hikes around the Lower Mainland:

  1. Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver)
  2. Rice Lake (North Vancouver)
  3. Pacific Spirit Regional Park (Vancouver)
  4. Bert Flinn Trails (Port Moody)
  5. Buntzen Lake Loop (Port Moody)
  6. Jug Island Trail (Belcarra)
  7. Sasamat Lake Loop (Port Moody)
  8. Capilano Regional Park/ Cleveland Dam (North Vancouver)
  9. Burnaby Mountain 
  10. Admiralty Point (Belcarra)

Lynn Canyon (North Vancouver):

  • a suspension bridge
  • a 30 ft watering hole
  • beautiful hiking trails along the Baden Powell Trails
  • I highly recommend turning right after the suspension bridge and heading down the Baden Powell Trail towards the Twin Falls Bridge. This hike is really beautiful and great for kids.
  • if you take the Twin Falls route and back it will be around 4 kms (2 hours or so)
  • if you turn left after the suspension bridge it will take you to the 30 ft pools
  • the Ecology Centre is educational, interactive and fun for ages. Admission is free, but they do accept donations.

Rice Lake Loop (North Vancouver):

  • 3 km well maintained loop trail
  • stroller and balance bike friendly
  • easy for young children to manage on their own
  • pristine lake views
  • beautiful moss covered trees
  • there are no dogs permitted on loop trail
  • there is no swimming permitted in the lake
  • this is a great beginner hike for little kids. It takes around 1.5 to do the full hike with young children.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park (Vancouver):

  • beautiful trails to choose from that are flat and easy for kids of all ages to explore on their own.
  • great for biking and hiking.
  • stroller and balance bike friendly
  • Salish Trail, Sword Fern, Iron Knuckle and Douglas Fir trails are all very family friendly and very beautifu
  • take a photo of the map before exploring these trails. These trails have great signage and you can explore them easily if you follow the map.

Bert Flinn Trails (Port Moody):

  • 2.6 km of scenic trails through the forest
  • the trails are wide and open with lots for kids to explore
  • you can find the Starz Bike Trail at the beginning of the Bert Flinn Loop
  • take a photo of the map when you arrive. It will help you navigate the trails.
  • these trails are easy for new hikers

Buntzen Lake (Port Moody):

  • beautiful 10km loop trail
  • it’s long, but easy to use as an out and back trail with kids instead of finishing the whole loop
  • lots of secret beaches
  • gorgeous beach in the summer months
  • to get to the bridge and back it will take you around 3 hours with young children.

Jug Lake Trail (Belcarra):

  • 5.5 km out and back trail
  • gorgeous views of Jug Island and the Indian Arm
  • moss covered forest and rock walls
  • views of Bedwell Bay from the first lookout
  • parking is found in the Belcarra Regional Park entrance.
  • this is an intermediate level hike. It also takes around 4 hours with kids.

Sasamat Lake Loop (Port Moody):

  • 3.2 km loop trail around the lake
  • great hike for families 
  • beautiful beach and swimming area in the summer months
  • concession
  • 50 m long floating bridge

Capilano River Regional Park (North Vancouver):

  • Cleveland Dam
  • lots of beautiful trails to explore
  • views of Capilano River
  • Salmon Hatchery (visit for free!)
  • stroller friendly gravel trails
  • the Giant Fir Trail is worth visiting to see the old growth trees

Burnaby Mountain (Burnaby):

  • there are so many trails on Burnaby Mountain. Two that I would recommend would be: Mel’s Trail and North Road Trail.
  • both of these hikes are dual use
  • the North Road Trail is a great trail for kids to practice their mountain biking skills. There are lots of boardwalks and skinnies
  • Mel’s Trail is a beautiful walk in the woods. If you follow the trail to the right you will come across an old abandoned Volkswagen just off the trail

Admiralty Point/ Cod Rock (Belcarra):

  • Admiralty Point hike is a 4 km out and back hike.
  • this hike will reward you with gorgeous views of the Indian Arm and Barnet Marine Park.
  • a shorter option is stopping at the half way point at Cod Rock.
  • Cod Rock is a 2 km out and back hike with beautiful views of North Vancouver.
  • This hike is a moderate hike with some cliff edges and lots of roots and rocks to traverse. It’s better for more experienced little hikers.
  • parking is found in the Belcarra Regional Park entrance.

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