Mystical Art Sculptures Hiding throughout Robert Burnaby Park

Mystical Art Sculptures Hiding throughout Robert Burnaby Park

Mr.Troll the gentle giant

Looking for a magical experience your whole family will love? There are currently 8 amazing art sculptures that you’ll find as you stroll through the forest in Robert Burnaby Park.

The sculptures were hand crafted by a local artist named Nickie Lewis. To make these magical creations she uses twigs, twine and her imagination. Nickie started creating these sculptures after COVID-19 put a hold on the events that would typically exhibit her work. She’s been busy creating her magnificent works of art in the forest since August 2020. Check out her Instagram and website: The Wizards Makery to find out more about her art and where she gets her inspiration from.

Mystical Creatures you might find:

  1. Mr. Troll the gentle giant
  2. Lillith the sleeping fairy
  3. The Guardian
  4. Echo the non-binary unicorn
  5. Emerald the dragon and her babies
  6. A mermaid
  7. Chewie
  8. A pair of Ewoks
The sleeping fairy

To access the sculptures easily, it’s best to park in the Robert Burnaby parking lot off of 4th street. Nickie Lewis has created a map to help you find 7 of the sculptures easily. Click here to access the MAP.

The Ewoks are the only sculptures that aren’t on the map since Nickie Lewis plans on moving them around the park to make it more fun for the regular hikers to find them. Want me to send you the location of the Ewoks? Subscribe to my email list and I’ll send you a list of clues to get to them.

The Ewoks at Robert Burnaby Park

You will notice a lot of other people looking for the sculptures while you visit, so you can ask for help along the way. It’s like a geocaching adventure, but so much better!

You might find another art installation while visiting that an unknown artist added to the hunt. It is a miniature Noah’s Ark with animal figures.

Chewie was one of our favourites!

Some things to be mindful of:

When visiting please make sure to respect the art sculptures and remind your children to look and not touch.

Take all of your garbage out with you. We noticed a lot of litter throughout.

It’s best to visit mid-week. Weekends will be very busy.

Bring flashlights with you if you are going for a sunset walk. It is very dark in the park after 4:30 pm.

Bathrooms are located on the west side of the park near the playground, pool and tennis courts. There is lots of parking available on that side as well.

I recommend opening the map provided above as soon as you arrive and using it like you would if you were geocaching. We had ours open the whole time and it helped us find each sculpture easily.

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