Outdoor Birthday Inspiration:

Outdoor Birthday Inspiration:

Here are four easy and affordable outdoor birthday inspiration ideas that can be done at any park or even in your own backyard!

Fairy/ Gnome Party:

Suggested Location: Fairy Forest in Redwood Park, Surrey. This can also be done in your backyard or at any park.

Party Itinerary:

  • Decorate fairy houses or create fairy doors
  • Fairy storytelling
  • Take the fairy houses to the Fairy Forest and find the perfect spots to leave them
  • Lunch and cake

Optional add on: Hire a fairy to show up to your event and blow the kids minds!
My recommendation:

Fairy Skye
Langley, BC

Supplies needed for fairy houses: birdhouses or flower pots would work great. Paint, glitter, stickers and gemstones for decorating.

Supplies for fairy doors: popsicle sticks, glue, paint, buttons for doorknobs.

Bike Rodeo Party:

Suggested Location: Burnaby Mountain Air Skill Park, Taylor Park, or any large (school or park) parking lot will do.

Party Itinerary:

  • Decorate race plates and bikes
  • Bike and helmet checks
  • Bike obstacle course and practice
  • Bike races
  • Lunch and cake 

Optional add on: Get medals for each kid. It will be the highlight of their day!

Supplies for race plates: Poster paper for race plates, hole punch, zap straps, checkered duct tape, felt markers, stickers.

Supplies needed for bike decorations: Pipe cleaners, reflective stickers, streamers.

Supplies for obstacle courses: Safety cones and chalk, tape and balloons

Optional: DIY small wooden ramps

Nature Hike / Scavenger Hunt Party:

Suggested Location: Your favourite hiking trail or park.

Party Itinerary:

  • Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  • Work on nature craft with items found on hike.
  • Have a treasure hunt.
  • The kids have to find their goodie bags. Lunch and cake.

Supplies for scavenger hunt: Nature scavenger hunt print outs, pencils, pails with a handle for collected items.

Supplies needed for nature craft: Glue, paper, googlie eyes, felts and paint.

Ninja Warrior Party:

Suggested Location: A parkour friendly park like: Penzer Action Park in Langley or Rotary Bike Trials Park in Port Moody. Any park would work though (you would just have to bring your own obstacles for your obstacle course).

Party Itinerary:

  • Children can decorate ninja headbands.
  • Start with a game of Sensai Says.
  • Then a game of Follow the Leader.
  • Let kids go through obstacle courses.

Option of having stations:

  • Station 1: chopstick practice 
  • Station 2: balloon balancing with staffs
  • Station 3: target practice 
  • Station 4: karate chops and kicks
  • Lunch and cake

Supplies for headbands: Ribbon or fabric cut into strips for ninja headbands, felt markers, stickers.

Supplies needed for stations: Balloons and foam pipe insulators (for balancing) chopsticks, boxes (for karate chops and kicks), water balloons, soft balls or bean bags (for target practice)

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