Pedalheads Swim and Bike Camps

Pedalheads Swim and Bike Camps

Looking for a summer camp that is worth while? Pedalheads is open for business again and they have a variety of swim, bike and trail camps to choose from.

Last year my 5.5 year old son wasn’t very confident in water. I had to register him in Salamander four times at a variety of public pools. I kept switching pools but he still wasn’t showing any progress so I put him in Pedalheads Swim and he finally flourished.

What I noticed about Pedalheads that was different than regular swim lessons was that the instructors taught a variety of strokes in one lesson instead of just focusing on one thing. They also focused on making it fun and if kids were showing disinterest, they would switch it up. Class sizes are also smaller so that students get more one on one instruction and the classes are typically an hour long instead of just 30 mins.

All of this contributed to my sons success with feeling comfortable in the water and enjoying going to swim lessons. After one swim camp (5 days of one hour classes) my son passed 3 levels and moved into Swim Kids 3. He was so proud of himself and loved going to swim lessons after that.

If you have a child who’s struggling in regular swim lessons or shows signs of not liking water then I highly recommend taking lessons with Pedalheads. It seems like an investment, but it’s so worth it. I spent $240+ on four Salamander public pool swim lessons and my son wasn’t showing any progress. I’m so happy I switched him into Pedalheads Swim.

This summer classes will look a little different. Class sizes will be smaller and more spaced out and instructors will be wearing face shields while teaching lessons. Please see below for more information about Pedalheads summer camps, classes and Covid-19 FAQ’s.

Swim Lesson Changes:

Check out their website for more information: | @pedalheads on FacebookInstagram, & Twitter

  • Pedalheads offers bike, swim, and sport programs to families in over 45 cities across Canada and the USA.
  • Pedalheads is excited to safely get going with camps and swim lessons this summer!
  • Newly implemented health and safety measures ensures they can continue to safely provide the Pedalheads experience that families have come to know and love. Learn more at
  • They are opening a NEW Richmond Pool at The River Club
    • **Special offer: Take 50% off ANY swim lesson at The River Club Pool with a purchase of a summer camp!
    • To learn more or to claim this offer, email with the dates, level, and time you are hoping to book.
  • Follow @pedalheads on Instagram & Facebook for the latest updates!


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